Menu Planning

BiG RED’s certified dieticians can assist in providing menu plans that are relished by students and in accordance with all USDA mandates. We have plans that consider food allergies, portion allotments, nutritional requirements and all other factors that impact student health. We can provide detailed recipes that list all needed ingredients with full cooking instructions. […]

Food Distribution

BiG RED is the premier food distributor for day cares and the K-12 market segment. Whether you are a food service commissary or an on-site school kitchen we can provide all base ingredients for meal production and completion. From our menu portal, school administrators can order grocery items directly from BiG RED and we will […]

Culinary Supplies and Disposables:

In addition to food products, BiG RED distributes a host of ancillary cooking and cleaning supplies. We can fulfill all needs for disposable utensils, film wrap, foil, hair nets, and paper products of all types. We also offer a range of cleaning, sanitizing, and disposal components. In short, everything you need to serve your meals […]